It turns out that Forex Trading Hours Affect Buying and Selling Prices, you know

It turns out that forex trading hours affect when prices are cheap and expensive during transactions, you know ! For maximum cuan, find out more information in the following article, OK !



  • The forex trading market lasts 24 hours for 5 working days, so traders are free to make transactions at any time.
  • We need in-depth analysis to find out when prices are cheap and expensive when trading forex .

Forex Trading Hours

Unlike the stock market, which has special hours for transactions for investors, forex trading activities take place 24 hours, 5 days a week.

This means that there are no specific forex trading hours , and traders are free to make transactions at any time , during the working day.

But, even so, there are several forex trading schedules that are divided into several sessions, and not all of the sessions are suitable to be used for transactions.

So that you can get a gap to get the maximum profit, it’s a good idea to know the forex trading schedule from opening to closing, which is divided into four sessions, namely:

  • Sydney Time : Opening hours at 05.00 am Jakarta time GMT+7 and closing time is 14.00 pm Jakarta time GMT+7.
  • To kyo time : Opening hours at 07.00 am Jakarta time GMT+7, closing hours 16.00 Jakarta time GMT+7.
  • London Time : Opening hours 13.00 Jakarta time GMT+7 and closing hours 22.00 Jakarta time GMT+7
  • New York Time : Opening hours at 20.00 Jakarta GMT+7, closing hours at 05.00 Jakarta time GMT+7

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Launching the page , forex trading hours will be shifted by 1 hour when America applies Daylight Saving Time (DST) and when there are important events in the economic calendar.

Daylight Saving Time is usually valid between March and November with different dates each year.

These four trading sessions fall into three trading zone categories consisting of:

#1 Asian Trading Session

Launching the same page, trading sessions in the Asian market account for 20% of the total forex trading worldwide with transaction centers located in Tokyo 8%, Australia 3%, and Singapore 5%.

Meanwhile, the characteristics of the trading market in the Asian forex trading session include:

  • At certain times, market liquidity will be depleted, as can be seen from the very small price. This situation can last for quite a long time.
  • The currencies of interest for the Asian trading session are the JPY or AUD.
  • Countries that are actively conducting transactions are Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, and Singapore.
  • Most of the price movements occur at the beginning of the session.

#2 European Trading Session

Forex trading sessions in Europe are centered in London, which has also become the world’s financial center since the Industrial Revolution era with the largest market share, 36% of the total trade.

The characteristics of this trading session are:

  • The London session is a very busy time with very high liquidity and small spreads during forex trading hours . 
  • Trends that occur during the European session usually continue until the beginning of the New York session.
  • The range of price movements from trading in this session can be very high
  • In this session, all currencies are interesting to trade, but the most profitable are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF.
  • During the day, volatility will decrease until the American session opens.

#3 American Trading Session

The American trading session is centered in New York, which accounts for 19% of the total trade.

The characteristics of the New York market include:

  • Trading will be quiet during forex trading hours Friday afternoon New York time.
  • All currencies are attractive for us to trade, especially USD.
  • Market liquidity in the American trading session tends to be high , especially in early trading.
  • The cause of the high liquidity is the overlap with the European session whose liquidity automatically decreases towards the end of the session.

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Then, when the price is cheap and expensive when trading forex? Actually there is no special forex trading hours that can provide certainty when prices are cheap and expensive when trading forex.

We need in-depth subjective analysis to find out. Therefore you get recommendations to continue to add insight related to trading while practicing.

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But, in general, we can conclude several points from the characteristics that I just described, including:

  • The As session can be considered a less profitable session for aggressive traders because the movement tends to be slow.
  • The trading market will be quiet on Saturday when the market will close soon, as many traders prefer to stop their transactions.
  • Most trading activities are carried out on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • The European time trading session is the busiest and busiest session

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