How to Use the Get Contact Application, Practical for Tracking Unknown HP Numbers

How to use Get Contact is very easy to do, you know, gang. You only need to study the tutorial once, after that you can use it right away.

The Get Contact application has recently become quite popular because there is a unique feature in it that allows you to know the name of your contact on someone else’s cellphone.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to tap other people ‘s cellphones to find out your contact name. You can immediately see it in this application, gang.

If you are curious to know how to use the Get Contact application, you can see the full review from Jaka below. For more details, you can also watch the video attachment, you know. Checkidot!


Get Contact Application Uses

Get Contact Application Functions 00aa9

Photo source: Get Contact application function.

This application was indeed busy circulating on Instagram Stories . Many users claim that they can find out their contact names on people’s cellphones.

The popularity of the Get Contact application has skyrocketed when many Indonesian influencers have also promoted this application. No wonder Get Contact even got into the list of top apps on Google Play.

Actually, the function of the Get Contact application is not only that simple, gang. According to the official Get Contact website , there are several features provided in this latest Android application, including:

    • Security and protection against spam calls as well as fraud indications.
    • Caller identification to be able to find out the identity and unknown phone numbers automatically.
  • Verify the phone number by using the #tag aka hashtag feature for your contact list.
  • User -customizable privacy and security of user data .
  • Multiplatform aliases can be used in various services, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Some of the features of the Get Contact application are similar to the features in the Truecaller application in identifying and blocking spam numbers and indications of fraud.

However, the #tag or hashtag feature in it is the most interesting and much sought after to find out WA contact names on other people’s cellphones, gang. Unique too, huh?

Download Get Contact

So, how is it? Getting impatient to know how people name your contacts? You can download the Get Contact application on your cellphone for free or for free.

However, to use certain features that are more complete, unfortunately you have to subscribe to a premium account first which is priced starting from 2.99 US dollars per month.

It’s just that, if you use it just to find out your contact name on someone else’s cellphone, you can directly download the latest Get Contact via the link below.

Version Release Date/Update Download Link
Original v5.7.0 ( latest! ) 23 September 2021 Google Play Store

App Store

How to Use the Get Contact Application

The Get Contact application not only allows you to find out your name on other people’s cellphones, but also tracks the names of unknown numbers that enter your calls.

Then how to use Get Contact to activate this function? You just need to install , register, and follow a few easy steps as below, gang.

  1. Open the Get Contact app
  2. Tap the Agree & Continue button .
  3. Tap Start Now on the information page of the features offered.
How To Use Get Contact To See Our Name In Other People's Contacts 46cd3
  1. Register or login using a Google or Facebook account.
  2. Wait until the Skip option appears .
How to use Get Contact on Wa E7970
  1. Tap the Quick Login via WhatsApp button
  2. Send an existing message format in the WhatsApp chat column.
How to find out our contact names on people's cellphones with Getcontact F09dd
  1. Tap the X icon on the premium account subscription window that appears.
  2. Open the Other menu , tap the number that appears next to the Get Contact profile.
  3. Tap the Contacts icon on the main page of the Get Contact app and grant access permissions.
  4. Return to the Get Contact application and press Show More in the ‘Who’s here?’ .
  5. Select a contact to view.
How to find out our contact name on a friend's cellphone without the 4b780 application


Selain untuk platform Android, untuk kamu pengguna perangkat berbasis iOS bisa mendapatkan aplikasi Get Contact melalui App Store, loh.

Well, if it turns out that the steps above are still not effective in finding the owner of the number you are looking for, you can follow the tutorial that ApkVenue has discussed in the following article:

How to Get Artist's Wa Number on Instagram Banner 21795
How to Find Someone’s Mobile Number Online (100% Works)

Want to find someone’s WhatsApp number, for example an artist? Here, Jaka has a trick and a way to get the artist’s WA number via the internet which is guaranteed to be successful, gang.

How to Remove Tags in Get Contact

Is there a Get Contact tag that you feel is too embarrassing for other people to see? Luckily, you can select and delete any tags that you find inappropriate.

How to remove tags in Get Contact is also very easy and you don’t need a premium account subscription to do it. Curious? Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Get Contact profile.
  2. Find and specify the tag you want to remove.
  3. Swipe left on the tag until a red trash can icon appears and the Report page appears.
  4. Choose the reason you want to remove the tag
  5. Press the Reports button .
How to Remove Getcontact Custom 907c2 Tag Tag

How to Use Get Contact for Spam Protection

Are you bothered by incoming calls or SMS from numbers indicated as spam? Well, fortunately in this Get Contact application you can use the spam protection feature.

How to use? Come on, see the steps below!

  1. Open the Get Contact app.
  2. Go to the Other menu .
  3. Select the Settings menu , then tap the Spam Settings option .
  4. Select one of the spam protection options.
How To Use Get Contact For Custom Spam Protection 4ef04

‘Show warning for spam and fraud calls’ option, if you want to get a warning from Get Contact when a number is indicated as spam.

‘Block all spam calls’ option if you want to block calls directly from numbers indicated as spam.

How To Use Get Contact To Find Out Number Information

You must have come across a foreign number calling the number on your cellphone. Because you feel hesitant to call back you finally silence him.

Now, using Get Contact, you can find out who is behind the owner of the foreign number who called the call. The method is as follows:

  1. Go to Get Contact’s Call History and Search History .
  2. Tap on the number that has dialed before.
  3. The related contact name information will appear.
  4. If you want to know the name of a friend’s contact, search for it in the Search field .
  5. Tap the contact icon or enter numbers manually.
  6. You will find out the related tag of the owner of the number calling you.
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How to Delete Get Contact Account

This application does offer security and privacy for its users by identifying the phone number that calls you. However, not a few users even doubt the security of Get Contact itself.

As a result, deleting the Get Contact account became an option that some people finally chose.

Well, if you intend to delete your Get Contact account , Jaka has already discussed it in a separate article which you can read via the following link :

Untitled Design 2021 01 06t232541 464 Ab75a
How to Delete Get Contact Account Easily, Personal Data is Safe!

You can follow how to delete a Get Contact account below if you are worried about your privacy. Check out the full explanation!

Is the Get Contact Application Dangerous?

Video How to Use the Get Contact 882db Application

Surely many of you are still curious and wondering if the Get Contact application is dangerous , right?

It’s natural! Given that Get Contact does offer information that is quite personal, so the security of its privacy is questionable.

However, according to Alfons Tanujaya , a cybersecurity expert at Tiketcom, he explained that the Get Contact application is safe to use and very helpful in identifying spammer callers .

In addition, Get Contact is also a crowd sourcing data application where the system uses big data from the user to track the phone number and identity of the owner.

Meanwhile, reported by the Kapersky site regarding permission to access the contact list, SMS, storage, and user microphone, this was done to make searching for phone numbers better .

You can also close data access to Get Contact if you don’t want your name to be spread out and known to many people.

Applications Other Than Get Contact

Despite being one of the most popular, the number tracking application is actually not just Get Contact, you know!

There are many other apps that also offer similar functionality that you can use. Well, if you are not sure about this one application, here is a list of alternative applications besides Get Contact.

1. Truecaller

How to use Get Contact 2a170

Surely you are already familiar with this one application? Yep! Besides Get Contact, Truecaller is also an application to track other numbers that are quite popular.

This application provides security features that are quite diverse. Starting from seeing the identity of the number that called you, blocking calls and SMS from numbers detected as spam, fraud, and many others.

Truecaller itself is already used in many countries around the world, because it is one of the most accurate and has more than 5 billion numbers registered in their database.

>>> Download Truecaller via Play Store <<<

2. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

How to find out our contact names on other people's cellphones Get Contact 527e2

Next is the Caller ID & Call Blocker Free application which is claimed to be the best number tracking and blocking application .

As the name implies, this application works by identifying the caller’s number and will block if it is recognized as a spam number or anything that enters their database.

Interestingly, similar to location tracking applications, Caller ID also seems to have a Location Tracker feature that allows you to find out the location of the caller’s number .

There is also a Fake Call feature that you can use to prank your friends or closest people.

>>> Download Caller ID & Call Blocker Free Via Play Store <<<

3. Hiya

Similar Apps to Get Contact 929e2

The next Get Contact-like application is Hiya which will automatically identify and block spam phone numbers that contact you.

Actually, there is not much difference between Hiya and the two previous number tracking applications. However, Hiya is equipped with Virus Protection & Phone Security features that will protect your data and privacy.

Its simple and easy-to-use User Interface may be another alternative for you to use.

>>> Download Hiya Via Play Store <<<

The final word

Get Contact is indeed a very useful application to help you track unknown numbers that are potentially scams . That’s why you need to know how to use Get Contact through the steps that Jaka gave above.

Besides being able to track unknown numbers, you can also find out how people named your contacts on their cellphones. If it’s your crush, what name would you save your number with, huh?

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