How to Change WhatsApp Android Theme to iPhone, Easy & Fast

For those of you who use an Android cellphone, you may be bored with the same WA display. Well, you can try changing the appearance of WA on your cellphone to WhatsApp iPhone. How to change WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is also fairly easy.

To change the appearance of WhatsApp, you can do it with or without the application. With that, your WA application will be exactly the same as WhatsApp iPhone. Besides looking more luxurious, you also won’t be bored with various WA iPhone themes.

Well, ApkVenue will tell you how to change WhatsApp . Is it possible? Come on, listen first, gang!

How to Change WhatsApp with Fouad Mod WhatsApp & YoWhatsApp

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Photo source: Fouad MOD WhatsApp – How to Change WhatsApp

To be able to use the WhatsApp iPhone for Android, you can use Fouad Mod WhatsApp . Similar to the very popular GB WhatsApp , Fouad Mod WhatsApp also provides WhatsApp iPhone themes that you can install like the following steps!

  1. Download Fouad Mod WhatsApp via the link below.


Jika aplikasi Fouad Mod WhatsApp error atau bermasalah, kamu bisa mengunduhnya

    1. Backup and Uninstall WhatsApp.

    2. Install Fouad Mod WhatsApp.

    3. Login WhatsApp by entering phone number, SMS verification and PIN.

    4. Change the WhatsApp Theme by tapping the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and selecting the Fouad Mods menu .

    5. On the YoSettings menu , click the YoThemes menu .
    6. Press the Load Theme option .
    7. Install the Theme Script by tapping the script name “Theme_WhatsApp_Iphone.xml” .

How to Change WhatsApp with RA WhatsApp

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Photo source: RA WhatsApp – How to Change WhatsApp

Apart from Fouad Mod WhatsApp, there are other MODs that you can use as an alternative way to change the WhatsApp theme to an iPhone without an application.

This WhatsApp MOD APK is called RA WhatsApp which went viral some time ago because it has a WA iOS theme complete with light and dark versions.

Then, how to change a regular WhatsApp into a WhatsApp iPhone theme without an application? To be more clear, see the steps below!

  1. Download RA WhatsApp and the WhatsApp iOS theme on the link that Jaka has listed below.
  1. Download the bright WhatsApp theme .

  2. Download dark WhatsApp theme .

  3. Uninstall WhatsApp. Make sure you first backup WhatsApp chat, gang.

  4. Install RA WhatsApp after extracting the WhatsApp iOS theme

  5. Open the app and click Agree and Continue .

  6. Login by entering the WhatsApp number that you will use.

  7. Click Next and enter the verification number.

  8. Choose WhatsApp Theme

  9. Click Settings , then click Themes .

  10. Select Load Theme and look for the location where the WhatsApp iOS theme is stored.

  11. Choose which iOS theme you will install, whether light or dark.

OK, okay! This is what the WhatsApp iPhone theme looks like on an Android phone. Very easy, right?

Bonus: The Easiest Way to Change WhatsApp Themes

In addition to changing the appearance of WA to WhatsApp iPhone, Jaka will also explain how to change the WhatsApp theme. You can use this method so that your WA display is not just like that and is different from other WhatsApp users.

Jaka will tell you how to change the WA theme either by using the application or without the application. For those of you who want the easy way, you can change your WA theme without using an application. For more details, check the article below.

The Easiest Way to Change WhatsApp Themes | Can without an application!

How to change the WhatsApp theme for a cool look. You can use your own photos & without an app! (without root).

Must Know: Dangers of Using MOD APK

Modified versions of applications developed by third parties are illegal and dangerous. There are a number of risks that lurk users when downloading this version. Here are the dangers of using MOD that you must know.

  • Contains malware : Sometimes, not a few applications made by third parties that carry a number of malware in the form of viruses that have the potential to damage the device. In fact, the virus can also be an intermediary that steals all data.

  • Permanent account blocking : The account you use is also at risk of being banned by the original developer when they find out that one of the users is using the MOD version. No half-hearted, you can be banned from using the application forever.

  • Disadvantaging the original developer : The developer may lose revenue from the copyright he has created because the application is hijacked by irresponsible parties.

Although so far the above illegal applications are safe to use, but you must be careful when using third-party applications, yes. Because, danger and risk can come at any time.

The final word

That ‘s how to change WhatsApp that you can use so that your WA display is not boring. Now you can use a variety of and fresher WA displays, gang.

Good luck and good luck!

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