Bloomberg Law, Lexis, Westlaw, and Lexis

Students, instructors, and staff at the Law Center have access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law.

During Orientation, new students will receive registration information.
Students who have not received or need new registration numbers can contact the Reference Desk via email or by calling 202-662-9140.

For Law Schools, LexisNexis

Lexis includes federal and state cases, legislation, rules, administrative decisions, legislative history, legal periodicals and journals, and looseleaf services, among other things.
During the fall semester of 2021, LexisNexis terminated its service of giving free printing to students at LexisNexis printers.

Access Lexis Thomson Reuters Law Schools by logging in.

Federal and state court decisions, legislation, rules, administrative judgements, legislative history, legal newspapers and journals, and general news are all available in Westlaw.

Register with Westlaw Bloomberg Law.

Court dockets, cases, news, legal commentary, and legal tools are all available on Bloomberg Law.
The library’s Reading Room has a Bloomberg Terminal, which enables for more advanced financial data searches and access to extra financial and corporate information.

Access Bloomberg Law Training & Assistance by logging in.

All first-year Legal Practice students, as well as upper-level students in seminars and clinics, get research instruction from the library.
Journal employees, research assistants, and other users may take specialized courses.
For further information, see Legal Research Classes.
Tutorials are also accessible on the library’s website.
Individual instruction is available by contacting Library Research Services at 202-662-9073 or

Please contact the Reference Desk at 202-662-9140 or if you have any more questions concerning Lexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg Law.

Lexis on Policies

Throughout the academic year and summer, students have unlimited access to Lexis for educational and employment-related research.
Their Summer Access Program provides access over the summer.
This program is accessible throughout the summer months of May, June, July, and August, after the semester/academic year has ended.
The Summer Access Program does not need registration; it is automated.
Please see the Lexis terms and conditions page for additional details.

Before utilizing their academic Lexis accounts for work reasons, students should verify their employer’s regulations.

For bar prep, research practice, and job preparation, Lexis access will be automatically extended for six months following graduation.
Lexis IDs may be used for job searches, professional development, and commercial objectives by graduates.
This access is automated and does not need graduates to register.

Through the ASPIRE program, graduates engaged in verified 501(c)(3) public interest activities may apply for 12-month access to chosen Lexis content.

After one year of inactivity, Lexis will cancel a registered account.
Log in to Lexis and/or use Lexis on a regular basis to preserve access.
If you are unable to access your registered account, please contact the Reference Desk for assistance in re-registering.

Natalie Kitzrow, our Lexis account executive, can answer any questions.


Students receive complete access to Westlaw for law school curriculum, including pro bono and public service programs, as well as public internships or externships that are required for graduation.

Current students receive automatic access to Westlaw for non-commercial study throughout the summer.
The following are some examples of acceptable applications.

Law school courses over the summer

Research for law reviews and journals, including write-on contests

Assistantships in Research

Nonprofit work Moot Court research

Externship in clinical practice funded by the law school

Summer interns in law firms, enterprises, government organizations, and other businesses should utilize their commercial accounts instead of their academic accounts for research.
Students may use their academic accounts to learn about the law and improve their research abilities, but they may not be used to charge clients.

Graduating students may participate in the Grade Elite program to prolong their access for six months after graduation.
Graduates may use their academic accounts for up to 60 hours each month to learn the law, improve their research abilities, and prepare for the bar exam.
Client billing is not permitted using academic accounts.
After logging in, submit an extension request.

Regina Wiggins, our Westlaw account representative, can answer any questions.

Law firm Bloomberg

During the academic year and during the summer, Bloomberg Law provides full access to accounts, including research for employment.
Access will be available to graduating students for six months following graduation, with no restrictions on usage.

Before utilizing their academic Bloomberg Law accounts for job reasons, students should verify their employer’s rules.

Will Thompson, a Bloomberg Law representative at Georgetown, can provide further information.

Several commercial online legal research services are available via the Law Library.
This guide explains who is eligible to use these services.

The Gallagher Law Library has contracts with several services that limit access to the following users:
Students, instructors, staff, and librarians at the University of Washington School of Law
Students enrolling in legal librarianship studies at the University of Washington

Non-law students enrolled in a cross-listed course at the School of Law at the University of Washington (when the instructor determines that access is necessary)

During the Foundations for Legal Study (FLS) program, which precedes the start of autumn quarter courses, new first-year JD students are given information on how to register for access to each of these services.
To register their passwords, students should follow the directions in the documents.

Throughout the year, vendor representatives give training.
These sessions will be notified through email, Weekly Announcements, or the law school websites of the vendors.
Some training is coordinated with specialized courses, such as Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing.

Students transferring
Transfer students should visit the Reference Office for ID and password registration forms.
Doctoral Students

Most LL.M. students at the University of Washington (excluding those who did not graduate from law schools in common-law nations) get registration documents during their program orientation.
If you are unable to attend orientation, you may acquire ID and password registration papers from the Reference Office.

If you graduated from a law school in a civil law nation, the Legal Analysis and Research course will prepare you for one or more of these services.

Students may only use Westlaw and LexisNexis for academic reasons, which means for coursework-related research.
Students are not permitted to use their academic IDs or passwords for work projects for full-time or part-time employment (including part-time work during academic quarters) or summer clerkships.
During externships for which law school credit is provided, students may utilize their academic access to Westlaw and LexisNexis.

Bloomberg Law does not contain the same prohibition on usage while working.
Students may use their Bloomberg Law accounts to look for jobs and internships while still in law school.

Law students should practice using commercial internet legal research resources to acquire and enhance their abilities.
Expertise in these areas is a valuable commodity!

You may use any computer, including those in the Law Student Lounge and the Library, since you have separate passwords or IDS for Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw.
The Gates Hall wireless network allows students with laptops to connect to the Internet.

Lexis has printers for students at the office at L240, near the group study rooms on the lower floor of the Library.
The staff offices of the student-edited legal reviews also include printers.
In law schools, Westlaw no longer supplies stand-alone printers.

At least once a week, representatives from both businesses come to the Law School to help users.
Furthermore, both services employ law student representatives who work in the CALR office during regular business hours (Room L240).
The schedules of the student representatives are available there.
Individual training is available throughout regular office hours.

Users with assistive devices, such as screen readers, speech recognition software, and screen magnifiers, may get assistance with issues with how such tools interact with internet services.

Lexis is accessible to academics as well as students working for courts, government organizations, and legal firms.
Summer admission is not required for students.

Summer access is required by Weslaw for qualifying students.
Students must meet one of the following requirements to get access to Westlaw over the summer:

worked as a research assistant for a UW School of Legal professor serving on the moot court honor board serving on a law review or journal writing on articles participating in an unpaid nonprofit public interest externship or internship or doing pro bono work needed for graduation

Passwords for Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw are available to visiting professors and researchers at the University of Washington School of Law.
Please offer your name, email address, and appointment end date when contacting the Reference Office.

Students from other law schools may use their own credentials to access Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, and Westlaw through the Internet from any computer in the Law Library.
To sign on to a computer at the Circulation Desk, please receive a temporary ID.

Downloading findings and papers on a USB drive or emailing results to your personal email account is recommended.
If you require a printout from a Lexis Advance page, please utilize the print command option in your browser to print to the associated printer, which will take you to the pay-to-print option.
Your Lexis account is linked to your university.

LexisNexis Academic is a version of LexisNexis that the University of Washington Libraries subscribes to.
All University of Washington students, teachers, and staff, as well as visitors to the Law Library, may use this service.
It may be found on the Information Research Databases page of the UW Libraries.

This LexisNexis edition includes federal and state cases, legislation, and regulations, as well as law review articles, news items, and other resources.
It does not offer access to all of the same resources that members of the legal community have access to.
The Law Library is unable to give full access to LexisNexis or Westlaw to anybody outside of the School of Law community due to the limitations of our vendor contracts.

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