8 Client-Generating Family Law Marketing Ideas

Family and divorce lawyers might use a variety of marketing strategies to attract new cases and customers.
There are so many marketing concepts out there that regardless of whether you have time to do it yourself or a marketing budget, anybody can successfully blend them into their own coherent strategy.

I’m going to discuss with you 8 marketing techniques that family law and divorce attorneys may utilize to acquire more calls, consultations, and clients in this post.

1. Use search engine ads to quickly sign up clients

Google advertising are one of the simplest methods to start acquiring new customers quickly and effectively.
Many individuals seeking for a family lawyer online are getting divorced or having marital problems.

What is the most popular internet search engine?


Google offers a variety of ad goods and services.
Search Ads and Local Service Ads are the two things we suggest divorce lawyers and law firms look into.
In the first week or two following launch, you should start receiving leads and calls.

Learn more about Google advertisements for divorce and family law professionals in this post, and discover how they may help you be found fast in local searches.

2. Use a newsletter or email campaign to nurture existing customers.

Past customers that you’ve successfully helped get through some of their most difficult situations in life are your greatest admirers and supporters.
Many family law companies expand quickly as a result of the multiplier impact that recommendations may have.

Create a newsletter or email list to keep people informed and you at the front of their minds.

Send out your message at regular intervals to make it part of your routine and to track the outcomes of your efforts.
Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mailers and e-mails may be sent out.
We propose bi-weekly or monthly billing for most businesses.

A little line about anything new, holiday wishes, community activities, and information may be included in the newsletter or email.

Give individuals information and ideas on various challenges they may be experiencing before, during, and after a divorce or separation by devoting a significant portion of your material to this.
Just because it isn’t part of your billable job for them doesn’t imply their family, kid, or marital issues are resolved.
After they’ve seen you, provide them free advice and information.
The more helpful you are to them, the more likely they will remember you and suggest their friends and colleagues to you when they need family law guidance and representation.

3. Make an SEO investment for “free” organic traffic.

One of the greatest and most lucrative methods to drive high-value visitors to your website is via search engine optimization.
It will immediately ring your phone lines and fill your email with fresh leads and questions.

Many consumers use search engines to identify local companies and services, similar to the Google advertising discussed before.
Legal representation is no different.
You pay per click with advertisements, which means you pay for each and every visitor or lead to your site.

You may either study the trade yourself or employ an expert to get you ranked in competitive places using SEO.
However, once you arrive, you must contend with the attendant traffic.
This is why it’s categorised as earned media: you’ve taken up that precious space and are now reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Take a look at our SEO recommendations for Family Law & Divorce Attorneys to discover practical strategies that can help you rank higher and better understand what’s going on.

4. Share useful tips and information on social media

Any lawyer’s promotional plan should include social media as a potent marketing tool.
You may share information about important case victories, articles, businesses, and community news, as well as offering useful information for persons dealing with family law concerns, much as you can with the newsletter.

This is an excellent technique to build connections with individuals who are seeking assistance but are still at the beginning of the process.

The term comes from the fact that social networks have network effects.
This implies it may be shared outside of your network and attract newcomers, allowing you to reach out beyond your own friends, contacts, and followers.

Pro tip: Posting on social media from your personal profile rather than your company account is the best way to go.
Because social media firms change their algorithms to “push” businesses to spend ad money to improve their post reach, it will get greater outcomes with more organic reach.

Related Article: 7 Types of Facebook Content Lawyers Should Post 5. Gather and Display Positive Testimonials and Reviews

With all of our lives firmly tied to social media and the online, reviews and testimonials are the “Word of Mouth 2.0.”
People nowadays depend on internet evaluations like Google and Yelp to determine a company’s reliability.
On Facebook and LinkedIn, they seek recommendations from friends and peers.

Having a proactive procedure in place for obtaining reviews from customers might be the difference between being a market leader and being left behind.
In a poll of legal service users, 56% responded that internet evaluations played a significant or very significant influence in their decision-making process before selecting a lawyer.

Many algorithms that determine the display of online profiles and webpages nowadays, like Google’s, use reviews.

They also provide excellent social media material.
Attempt to post testimonials on your social media sites numerous times every month.
Choose a review to use as the primary body of your article.
Before and after the review body, you may add your own thoughts on dealing with that customer or how many individuals suffer with similar challenges.
Allow the review to speak for itself about how you addressed the issue.


Republish Google and other platforms’ reviews on your website.
This increases trust and social proof on your website, and it’s one of the most important factors in a potential client’s decision to contact you or not.

6. Create a multi-circle network

Networking and gatherings are a terrific way to let off steam and get out of the office while still feeling like you’re making progress.
You may locate new groups and circles to build your company by using services like meetup.com.
To widen your professional and referral contacts, spend your time between networking with fellow attorneys and networking outside of the legal industry.

7. Write articles and blogs that answer questions posed by potential clients.

The internet has become the new public library, which is a fantastic result.
It has made information freely, simply, and immediately accessible.

You may receive hundreds of related articles and results on any subject you can think of by just putting some words into a textbox.

So why not join up and help create this marvel?

If you’re unfamiliar with blogging or its advantages, you may be wondering why you should bother.
When done properly, it may provide substantial, measurable benefits, but if you need more proof, consider why so many other companies have spent so much time and money on their blogs and websites.
It’s because it brings them a lot of new business.

Writing a blog and hitting the Publish button does not ensure success.
You’ll still need a plan and some ideas for what to write about, so check out our tutorials on law firm blog ideas and how to establish a law firm blog.

8. Create and promote a lead magnet

The last but not least step is to create a lead magnet.
These are one of the most effective strategies to get in front of prospective customers weeks or months before they decide to engage a divorce lawyer.

You may offer out a free resource, such as a 10-page handbook or compact booklet, in return for their email address.
This enables you to construct an email list that you can nurture and follow up with later to build trust when they explore hiring family attorneys.
You’re probably the only one who shows up in their email inbox once they’ve decided on an attorney.

To advertise your lead magnet and expand your email list, use social media, your website, and your blog.
You may achieve this on social media by posting organically or by purchasing advertisements.

Are you looking for a powerful, hands-off marketing system for your company?

If there’s one thing we excel at, it’s assisting lawyers in attracting new clients using our tactics.
That is, in fact, all we do.
Our objective is to be the last law firm marketing agency you employ and to partner with you for the long term.
Contact us now for a free consultation to see if we can assist you.

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