8 Best Indo Sub Anime Watch Applications 2022, Complete & Free Collection

There are many legal anime watching applications that you can use to watch your favorite anime from various genres. Starting from old anime to the latest titles you can find.

Since the first, anime has become a favorite of many people to be used as entertainment in their spare time. There are also many who are addicted to watching anime until they finally become webu .

In addition to watching Indo sub anime online through the anime watching site , you can also watch it via an application on your cellphone by downloading it or live streaming.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a free and legal anime watching application, Jaka will recommend the best 2022 Indo sub anime watching application for you, here.

But from some of them, some of them are illegal and Jaka doesn’t really recommend it because they have the potential to violate official copyrights, gang. So it must be chosen wisely, yes.

Instead of being curious, read more below!


1. YouTube

Youtube 8ad90

Photo source: Google Play Store

As an online movie watching application, you must consider YouTube to be the best legal anime watching application in 2022 that you should use. As we know that YouTube APK provides a variety of entertaining shows for free.

Not only movies and vLogs, you can also watch anime from existing YouTube channels, gang. You can watch it online or offline by downloading the YouTube video you want.

No need to subscribe to YouTube Premium , really. By using YouTube Basic , aka free, you can enjoy thousands of the best anime uploaded on Google’s streaming application.

The YouTube channels that you can access to watch thousands of anime are Muse Asia , Muse Indonesia , AnimeLog , Line Webtoon Indonesia , and many more.

Don’t worry, you can also set these channels to feature Indo sub so you won’t be roaming while enjoying your favorite anime, gang. Interested in trying?

Information YouTube
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.2 (136 million)
Size 41.08 MB
Install 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 6.0 and up

>>> Download YouTube APK via Google Play Store <<<

2. iQIYI

2 Iqiyi A7858

The first recommended legal anime watching application is iQIYI . Even though it is more famous as an application for watching dramas and movies, it turns out that iQIYI also provides a wide selection of Indo sub anime for wewibu, you know!

There are so many anime that you can watch exclusively iQIYI. Call it “The Case Study of Vanitas”, “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Attack on Titan”, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” , “My Hero Academia”, and others.

The application is quite easy to use. The interface is also relatively quite pleasing to the eye. This free quota-saving Indo sub anime watching application provides very indulgent image and audio quality.

For those who use it for the first time, you won’t be confused about finding the anime you want because there is a search column and also a special category for anime.

iQIYI also allows users to watch videos with various resolutions, and also download anime so that they can be watched offline ! Save quota really, deh!

This application does not require you to register. There is some content that can be accessed for free. But others must be accessed via VIP or paid. But don’t worry, the subscription price is not too expensive. Around IDR 39,000 per month.

Information iQIYI
Developer iQIYI
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.4 (786,000)
Size Varies by device
Install 50,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies by device
Download Iqiyi Mod Apk V2 12 5 Watch Unlimited Drama Movies 0d642 C2cad
Download IQIYI MOD APK V3.11.5 VIP Premium Latest 2021

Download the latest iQIYI MOD APK 2022 here to try an ad-free viewing experience thanks to the premium features available!

>>> Download iQIYI via Google Play Store<<<

3. Netflix

Netflix Anime A6b80

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular movie and TV viewing apps in the world. But not only western movies and series, Netflix also has a large collection of fun anime.

This application for watching legal Indo sub anime provides a complete collection of Indo sub anime, ranging from anime about school to anime for adults.

But keep in mind, you must subscribe to Netflix to be able to watch anime on this platform. The price is not so expensive, really!

Information Netflix
Developer Netflix, Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.4 (10,348,256)
Size Varies by device
Install 1,000,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies by device
Netflix F7d45
Netflix 7.48.0
Apps Entertainment Netflix, Inc.

>>> Download Netflix via Google Play Store <<<

4. Anime Lovers

Free Anime Watch Application 011d6

Photo source: Google Play Store

Anime Lovers is one of the APKs for watching complete Indo sub anime which has an abundant collection of anime with a choice of Indonesian subtitles, gang.

Don’t worry about missing your favorite anime because Anime Lovers sub Indo always updates its anime collection regularly. In addition, this application also presents shows in HD quality. Good quality, minimal ads, and free, who doesn’t want to try it?

Information Anime Lovers
Developer AF Entertainment
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 2.1(3 thousand)
Size 7.7 MB
Install 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 7.0 and above

>>> Download Anime Lovers via Google Play Store <<<

Download Animelover Apk Banner F5e37
Download Animelover APK V2.47, the Latest Indo Sub Channel Anime Application 2022!

Download the latest Animelover APK 2022 no ads here! The collection of anime sub Indo Full HD is quite complete and can be accessed for free, you know.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll 41a3a

The next free anime watching application is Crunchyroll . This application is very popular among anime lovers because it is widely used in various parts of the world.

Jaka also often uses this application to watch the latest anime in his spare time. In the Crunchyroll application you can find more than 25 thousand anime episodes and counting.

The anime list continues to be updated following the latest developments so you won’t miss your favorite anime story.

Information Crunchyroll
Developer Ellation, LLC
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 3.5 (451,275)
Size Varies by device
Install 10,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies by device
Crunchyroll Anime And Drama Icon
Crunchyroll – Anime and Drama 2.1.9
Apps Productivity

>>> Download Crunchyroll via Google Play Store <<<

6. TV Anime

Anime Tv Aa068

Next is Anime TV , an Indo sub anime watching application that provides a variety of exciting anime that you can watch for free on your Android phone.

Anime TV also includes an application to watch anime sub Indo on PC. Don’t be afraid to miss the latest episode, because this application will often experience updates, adapting to anime content and TV shows every day.

Information TV anime
Developer KIKU Group
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.0 (22,437)
Size 9.5MB
Install 500,000+
Android Minimum 5.0
Ezgif 3 Fcf5d561f4a4 4994f
TV anime 1.0.2
Apps Entertainment Fun Monsters

>>> Download Anime TV via Google Play Store <<<

7. AnimeLab

Apk Watch Anime 03 464cd

Do you like watching anime movies ? Does that mean you are familiar with AnimeLab ? This collection of anime applications on Android consists of famous series such as Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and others.

Don’t be afraid to miss your favorite Indo sub anime, because every week there will be a new episode that is updated into the application.

Don’t doubt the quality of the video. In fact, you can also choose English dubbing or use subtitles .

There are many other features that you can enjoy in the application. Please download so you know more about the advantages of this application!

Information AnimeLab
Developer Madman Entertainment
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.1 (4,981)
Size 13MB
Install 100,000+
Android Minimum 5.0
2 Animelab Watch Anime Free A0e0f
AnimeLab – Watch Anime Free 2.2.5
Apps Videos & Audio

>>> Download AnimeLab via Google Play Store<<<

8. FastAnime

Fastanime Ddc1c

With the FastAnime free anime watching application , you can watch anime with the best quality and subtitles provided in English.

This application is streaming , so you need a stable internet while watching. You can search for a variety of anime from the Samurai to Urban categories though.

The excellent feature of this application, you can enjoy the content for free without paying and without registration. So cool!

Information FastAnime
Review 4.0
Size 3MB
Android Minimum 4.1
3 Fastanime Watch Anime Online Tv 0b9c8
FastAnime – Watch anime online TV 5.0

>> Download FastAnime here<<<

The Best Indo Sub Anime Watch Application, Many are Free!

  1. YouTube
  2. iQiYi
  3. Netflix
  4. AnimLovers
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. TV anime
  7. AnimeLab
  8. FastAnime
  10. Funanime
  11. Wakanim
  12. Funimation
  13. AnYme
  14. Anime.Lib
  15. Viki
  16. iflix
  17. Vidmate
  18. UseeTV GO
  19. Animeindo
  20. Animasu

The final word

That was the recommendation for the best 2022 anime watching application for free that provides Indonesian subtitles. You can try this application to make various kinds of anime from your cellphone. You see, watching anime using the application that ApkVenue shared above will be more comfortable than watching through the website.

Although sometimes the anime choices are more limited, the range of these applications can still entertain you when you are tired and want to unwind, gang. So, which application will you rely on?

Oia, is there another application that you would like to recommend to ApkVenue for review? If so, write down your ideas by commenting or mentioning JalanTikus on social media, okay? If it’s interesting, Jaka will review it.

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