7 Ways to Hide Apps on Android & iPhone Phones, Easily Without Root

How to hide applications on smartphone devices can be the right step for those of you who want to maintain more privacy . Not only as a means of communication, now mobile phones are also a medium for storing personal data.

Whether we realize it or not, there are many applications installed on our cellphones that contain important data, gang. The data in question can be in the form of files or device activity, such as banking transactions , browser history , and so on.

Hiding apps doesn’t mean eliminating the risk of personal data leaks, but at least making your device inaccessible. This method will make certain applications invisible to the naked eye.

Want to do this as an effort to protect personal data and get more privacy? Check out how to hide applications on HP easily and guaranteed to work from ApkVenue below!

How to Hide Apps on Android Phones

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Actually, Android users can apply additional passwords or passwords on each installed application. This security feature is one of the most common ways to prevent certain apps from being accessed haphazardly.

But still, there will always be loopholes to be able to penetrate access to the application, especially if the password is easy to guess. Here Jaka shares a collection of ways to hide applications on several well-known brands of Android cellphones.

How to Hide Apps on Samsung

How to hide the Samsung application you can do with the Secure Folder feature . Here are the steps to hide the application through the secure folder on the Samsung cellphone .

    1. Open Settings on a Samsung cellphone.
    2. Select/find the Biometrics and Security/Biometrics and Security menu .
    3. Find and select the menu Secure Folder / Secure Folder .
    4. Agree to enable Secure Folder.
    5. Set PIN/Password/Fingerprint to access Secure Folder .
    6. Reopen the Secure Folder/Secure Folder with the created PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
    7. Enter the application to be hidden .

How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi

How to hide applications on Xiaomi without additional applications with the App Lock feature that can be activated easily. Here are the steps to hide apps on Xiaomi cellphones .

  1. Go to Settings and select App Settings .
  2. Select App Lock and click the Settings button .
  3. Look for Hidden Apps and enable the feature.
  4. Click Manage Hidden Apps .
  5. Select the various applications to hide.

How to Hide Apps on OPPO

How to hide OPPO applications is claimed to be superior to Xiaomi and Samsung, because it offers double security. The reason is, this HP user can apply passwords in hidden applications at the same time.

  1. Go to Settings and select the Security menu .
  2. Find and select the App Encryption feature .
  3. Create a security code or password to access the application.
  4. Set the various applications you want to hide.
  5. Turn on the Enable Passcode Verification feature .
  6. Enable the Hide Home Screen Icon feature .
  7. Generate passcode when you want to open/run the app.
  8. Create an access code by starting and ending it with the “#” character .

How to Hide Apps on realme

How to hide applications on realme can be done by taking advantage of the privacy features that have been provided. Here are the steps to hide apps on realme HP .

  1. Go to Settings and select the Privacy menu .
  2. Select the App Lock menu and enter the password.
  3. Select multiple apps that you want to hide.
  4. Select Enable Password Verification and the Hide Home Screen Icons option .
  5. Create an access code with a hash prefix and suffix ( # ).

How to Hide Apps in vivo

How to hide the vivo application you can do with the default feature to hide the application. Here are the steps to hide the application on the Vivo HP .

  1. Open the Quick Menu (Tap Bezel) feature .
  2. Select the Hide Icon menu .
  3. Set a PIN to access hidden apps.
  4. Enter the various applications that you want to hide.
  5. Select/tap the Encryption Settings button .
  6. Enter the PIN that has been set.

How to Hide Apps on HP iPhone

Photo source: Tom’s Guide – Hiding Apps on iPhones

Not only Android users, how to hide iPhone applications can also be done through the built-in features available on this Apple phone. Here are the steps to hide apps on your iPhone .

  1. Specify the apps to hide.
  2. Press the app until a pop-up menu appears .
  3. Select the remove app option .
  4. A notification appears to delete the application or delete it from the homescreen .
  5. Click the remove from home screen option to hide the app.

How to Hide Apps on HP via App Hider

How to Hide Apps on HP Via App Hider 96109

Photo source: Google Play – App Hider

In addition to taking advantage of the built-in features on each cell phone, hiding applications on the cellphone can also be done with additional applications. For owners of Android phones other than the brands that Jaka mentions, this method can be done as an alternative.

Here are the steps to hide applications on Android phones with the additional application of App Hider:

  1. Download and install the App Hider application on Google Play .
  2. Open the application and click the + icon .
  3. Appears all applications on the HP.
  4. Select the various applications that you want to hide.
  5. Click the Hide button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Various applications were successfully hidden.

Advantages of Hiding Apps on HP

Photo source: Times Higher Education – Benefits of Hiding Apps on Mobile

Hiding apps on your cellphone isn’t always a negative thing, because there are many other reasons to do that. Check out the main advantages that you can feel by hiding applications on the following HP devices.

1. Privacy is more guarded

Not appearing or the appearance of certain applications in the foreground of the cellphone makes other people who open the device unable to access it arbitrarily. In plain view, they will not know the presence of applications that you consider private.

2. Important Files/Data Are Safer

There are certain applications that have a function to store various user data or files. Well, with this kind of application hidden, the risk of personal data leakage is at least lower than it can be seen by others.

3. Prevent Deleted Apps

Some of you may have experienced wrongly deleting or uninstalling certain apps by mistake. Hiding important or favorite applications on the phone can be a solution so that this carelessness does not happen again.

The final word

That’s an explanation of how to hide the most powerful and newest applications that can be done easily and quickly. As a person who is responsible for personal data, there is nothing wrong with taking precautions with steps like this.

More importantly, the methods that ApkVenue shared above do not require root so that the phone can still be maintained properly. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore that other people will carelessly access private applications, gang!

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