6 Best and Most Powerful Mobile Hacking Applications 2022, For Those Who Are Suspicious With Your Boyfriend

Mobile phone tapping applications are starting to be noticed by many smartphone users , you know. Even though it sounds illegal, you can use this kind of application for good purposes too.

As is known, how to tap a cellphone may be very difficult to implement, but in fact this can be done in just a few steps through an application, gang.

Especially for those of you who are suspicious of your boyfriend because you like to chat with him for a long time, you can use this application to tap your cellphone to monitor your girlfriend’s cellphone activity.

Want to try? The following is a recommendation for a free cellphone tapping application that you can use if you want to tap someone else’s Android smartphone . No need to root everything, really!

1. AirDroid

Airdroid E4ca5 Mobile Hacking Application

AirDroid is a mobile phone tapping application to find out phone history, SMS contents to messages in chat applications such as WhatsApp and LINE.

This application created by the Sand Studio developer can tap other people’s Android smartphones and monitor them from a PC or laptop device .

Another plus, this WA tapping application can also control a tapped cellphone remotely to the camera, but you must have access and permission on the cellphone you want to tap.

AirDroid itself has been released for a long time, the first time in 2011. Up to the latest version now, there are already a lot of the latest features that you can use, for example, such as remote monitoring cameras. Cool, right?

Information AirDroid
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.2 (620,000+)
Size 38MB
Install 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.0

2. TheTruthSpy

The True Spy 9ad37 Mobile Hack Apk

TheTruthSpy can record all the activities of a person’s cellphone accurately and accurately. You can feel the 100% successful way of tapping HP after installing this application to the target cellphone.

Next, you just have to register the cellphone and access the TheTruthSpy page on another device to monitor the cellphone, gang.

The nature of this application that requires you to access the target cellphone, requires you to first ask permission from the HP user you want to monitor.

Well, this application for tapping cellphones is indeed more suitable for you to use to monitor your family members who need supervision, such as small children and the like, gang.

If you download the latest version, you can even monitor other people’s cellphones via their Facebook accounts to Snapchat.

Information TheTruthSpy
Developer TheTruthSpy
Review 4.3
Size 2 MB
Android Minimum

3. Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker 7019c

As the name implies, Couple Tracker is an application that is suitable for those of you who want to try how to tap your husband’s cellphone easily and quickly.

This application can be used to avoid prejudice against your partner, and if you both agree to install this application, there is no such thing as hiding.

How not, in the update in the latest version only, there are cool features such as notifications every time your partner’s cellphone makes or receives phone calls, SMS, to take photos or videos, gang.

In addition to monitoring, this powerful application also allows you to track your location and delete unwanted calls or messages, you know!

Information Couple Tracker
Developer BytePioneers sro
Review 4.7
Size 3 MB
Android Minimum

4. Mobile Tracker

Application To Tap Mobile Tracker B78ff

One application for tapping cellphones that you can rely on to find out the location of other people by tracking their smartphone is Mobile Tracker .

This cellphone tapping application is designed to track the location of someone’s cellphone in real time and accurately , suitable for use in 2022. These coordinates can be shared with the closest people you register.

In addition, for those of you who are curious about how to track a lost cellphone , you can use this application through the various available map modes.

Of course, this application is always making updates and changes so that its performance can be maximized from its previous versions, gang.

Information Mobile Tracker
Developer Mobile Tracker
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.2 (23.119)
Size 5.8 MB
Install 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.0

5. Family Locator

Family Tracker 5e488 Hp Tracker Application

As the name implies, Family Locator is specifically used for each family member to be able to tap and monitor the location of other family members.

With this application, parents can monitor and know the whereabouts of their children . So that in an emergency situation, they can immediately pick up the child.

This feature is always provided by this application is quite complete and accurate . Especially in the latest version that has been released this application, the accuracy will be even sharper.

Information Family Locator
Developer Family Locator LLC
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.4/5 (393K)
Size 33 MB
Install 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.1

6. SMS Tracker

Sms Tracker Tracker 4acb8

SMS Tracker is one of the most complete mobile phone hacking applications . How to tap a cellphone with this application is also very easy.

With the monitoring feature provided in this application, parents can find out in more detail about their child’s daily activities.

The reason is, this application can monitor from the location of its existence, to the contents of WhatsApp messages on the cellphone that is installed with this application.

Remember, gang, the mobile phone tapping feature in this latest version of the application can only be used when the target gives your permission to find out the contents of his cellphone.

Information SMS Tracker
Developer Gizmoquip
Review 4
Size 2 MB
Android Minimum

The final word

That’s how to tap a cellphone with a free cellphone tapping application that you can use on Android. Even though you can tap, still use the above application for positive purposes, yes, gang

Even though they are called eavesdropping applications, the series of applications that ApkVenue recommends also still adhere to the privacy protocols applied in developed countries, you know.

So even though it can actually be used to monitor a girlfriend’s cellphone, it can also be used for monitoring family members who are prone to danger.

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