5 Aplikasi Streaming Bola Gratis Terbaik 2022, Nonton Semua Liga Sepak Bola Dunia

The free football live streaming application seems to have become a primary need for football fans. Because, everything is easy because you can watch the matches of your favorite club anytime and anywhere through the cellphone or tablet that you use.

Moreover, now the world’s famous football leagues have started their titles. Call it the English Premier League, Italian Serie A League, and Spanish La Liga which will air in the near future. Once you miss the league game, it feels like you don’t have an update !

Therefore, ApkVenue will give you recommendations for the best free live football streaming application for Android devices. You really have to check, especially this week there’s a big match that you’re going to watch, right? So, let ‘s take a look at the complete list below!


1. Live Soccer TV – Live Scores

Live Football TV Live Scores 82667

Photo source: Play Store – Online football streaming app on Live Football TV APK

The Live Soccer TV application is one of the APKs that many people use to watch football matches. The reason is, the streaming channels that appear in this application are very complete.

There are about 4,000 sports channels from 200 countries that you can watch on Live Soccer TV, gang. All channels that are present in the APK for watching football online are guaranteed free so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Interestingly, you can not only watch sports matches. You can also read various news and articles made by the Live Soccer TV team, you know.

In fact, this legal soccer streaming application provides match standings information. So, you don’t need to look for match statistics everywhere, just access it from one application.

If you are interested, you can download Live Football TV: Live Scores via the link that ApkVenue has prepared below. Checkidot!

Details Live Football TV: Live Scores
Developer 442 Apps
minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size Appropriate device
New version 6.0.5 (Latest)
Rating 4.7/5.0 (Play Store)

>>> Download Live Football TV: Live Scores <<<

2. TV Videos

55aea video

Photo source: Vidio – The Best Free Football Live Streaming Application

The best football streaming application that ApkVenue recommends is Vidio TV . This application is equipped with Premium TV channel features and in it there are several sports channels that broadcast football leagues, badminton tournaments , NBA, F1, and so on.

Interestingly, here you can also enjoy many entertainment programs such as series, anime, to movies. In fact, some of them are original programs done by the Vidio team.

Unfortunately, not all football/sports matches or other programs can be accessed for free. You have to buy a “premium” plan to be able to access all its features.

Usually, the subscription fee for the Vidio TV package starts from Rp. 29,000/month. The steps for using it are as follows.

  1. Open the Vidio TV application that you have downloaded, here you can see various kinds of shows that are currently airing in the application.

  2. To find a live football match channel , go to the menu and select categories .

  3. Select the Sports category, and here you can see a row of available football live streaming channels.

Details Video TV
Developer PT Vidio Dot Com
Minimal OS Varies by device
Size Varies by device

>>> Download Vidio TV APK 2022 <<<

3. RCTI+

RCTI 37c7a

Photo source: RCTI+ – The Best Free Football Live Streaming Application

Then there is the RCTI Plus or RCTI+ application . This live streaming TV application provides several choices of television stations in the MNC Group.

You can watch football matches broadcast on RCTI, MNC TV, GTV, and iNews here for free, gang. For example, live streaming of the SEA Games 2022 and others.

Because it broadcasts TV broadcasts on the internet, that means you can also watch other programs besides sports, such as news, soap operas, and so on.

Details RCTI+
Developer MNC Media
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and up
Size 14MB
Download 5,000,000 and above
Rating 4.0/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download RCTI+ APK 2022 <<<

Download the Rctiplus E0ae4 App
RCTI+ APK Original
Apps Entertainment

4. Vision+

Vision Plus 6d172

Photo source: Vision+ – The Best Free Football Live Streaming App

Vision+ is a live streaming application that used to be called MNC Mobile. Actually, the platform is not much different from RCTI+ because it is in the same group.

The difference is, Vision+ broadcasts more programs than other MNC Groups. Not only MNC TV and iNews TV, but also Global TV, to non-MNC Group TV stations such as Trans TV, MetroTV, ANTV, and so on.

Interestingly, on the TV tab in this TV streaming application there are also foreign channels such as Al Jazeera, DW, and France 24.

Because of this variety of channel choices, you can watch various football matches more fully.

Details Vision+: Watch TV & Movie Streaming
Developer PT OTT MNC Network
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and up
Size 20MB
Download 1,000,000 and above
Rating 3.9/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Vision+ APK 2022 <<<

5. SuperSport

SuperSport Mola 253bf

Photo source: SuperSport – The Best Free Football Live Streaming App

The SuperSport streaming application provides quite complete information, not just broadcasting live football matches. You also don’t need to look for detailed information separately.

Data such as scores, schedules, standings, to the latest news about football are presented by SuperSport. There are also real-time notifications during live matches.

Not only football, SuperSport also broadcasts golf, motorsport, tennis, rugby and other sports. Here are the steps to use the application.

  1. Open the SuperSport application that you have downloaded, here you can see various kinds of shows that are currently running in the application.

  2. There are several channels available and select the category menu.

  3. Various sports categories will appear, you just have to choose a channel that broadcasts live football streaming.

Details SuperSport
Developer SuperSports Online
Minimal OS Android 6.0 and above
Size 34MB

>> Download Super Sport APK 2022 <<<

BONUS: How To Watch Live Football For Free Without Application

In addition to using a series of applications that ApkVenue has recommended before, you can also watch match broadcasts directly from the browser .

By taking advantage of free football live streaming sites , you can watch many football matches for free without having to download an application first.

For those who are curious about this method, you can immediately check the complete list of 2022 football live streaming sites below.

1. Liveaugoal.com

Liveaugoal D5e8a

Photo source: Liveaugoal – The Best Free Football Live Streaming Application

The first live streaming soccer link that ApkVenue will discuss is Liveaugoal.com , which of course you can access for free or for free.

This site provides various kinds of streaming broadcasts of football matches from all leagues. Starting from Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, and many more.

Not only that, this site also allows you to be able to record ongoing football matches to watch at a later date, gang.


  • Can record football matches.
  • Accessible for free.


  • For some matches sometimes the streaming broadcast is unstable.

2. Yalla-shoot.info

Yalla Shoot Streaming 2ddc6

Photo source: Yalla – The Best Free Football Live Streaming Application

Next is the Yalla Shoot live streaming site which is quite popular among football fans because it offers a very complete database.

Not just football matches like La Liga, Premiere League, or Champions League. But you can also watch other sports matches such as tennis, basketball, MotoGP, and many more.

However, unfortunately this site has been blocked by Positive Internet so it is most likely only accessible when you use a VPN application , gang.


  • There are many other sporting events available.
  • Accessible for free.
  • Complete database .


  • The site is blocked by Positive Internet.

3. GoblinTV

GoblinTV Streaming 9bfef

Photo source: IST – The Best Free Football Live Streaming Application

Next is GoblinTV which is one of the best live football broadcasting sites with various football matches from around the world. Including all Champions League matches.

You can also watch other sports matches such as Formula, MotoGP, badminton, and others.

Although it is touted as one of the fastest football live streaming sites, this site unfortunately often changes URLs to avoid blocking.

However, for an alternative way to watch live football for free without an application, you can include it in the alternative list, gang.


  • There are many other sporting events available.
  • Accessible for free.
  • Good video quality.


  • The site URL changes frequently.
  • Some sporting events are not available.

Well, if you are still not satisfied with the list of sites and free live streaming soccer applications that ApkVenue has provided above, you can read Jaka’s article about the following Best & Free Football Live Streaming Sites :

Live Streaming Ball 7f2be
20 Best and Free Live Football Streaming Sites, You Can Watch the English League!

Looking for the best football live streaming site link that is still active in 2022? No hassle, read this article all leagues are available and free to watch!

List of the Best Football Live Streaming Applications 2022

  1. Live Soccer TV – Live Scores
  2. Video TV
  3. RCTI+
  4. Vision+
  5. SuperSport
  6. beIN Sports
  7. MOLA TV
  8. La Liga Sports TV
  9. UseeTV GO
  10. StarTimes ON
  11. MAXstream
  12. Okaystream
  13. FuboTV
  14. Free TV
  15. SBO TV
  16. Mobdro
  17. RedBoxTV
  18. Live NetTV
  19. Arena4Viewer
  20. Live Football TV HD
  21. Mivo
  22. Yacine TV APK
  23. Bgibola APK
  24. Super Soccer TV
  25. Yalla Shoot APK

The final word

That’s the recommendation for the best free 2022 soccer live streaming application that will keep you updated on various exciting matches. Of the many applications above, many of which you can access for free, gang.

Watching your favorite team in action for free is great fun, but you should only use legal apps. This is to prevent the potential danger of viruses that harm your device.

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