3 Tips for Choosing a Trading Course for Beginners, Easy and Safe

The world of trading is getting more and more interesting. No wonder, many people are increasingly glancing.

If you are a beginner, don’t just try. Learn first the ins and outs through a trading course , taking into account the following points.



  • Beginners who will enter the world of trading , should know the basics, techniques, and risks of trading , which we can learn through trading courses .
  • There are some tips for choosing a trading course , so that later you can become a trader who gets additional income.

Choosing the Right Trading Course

My Financial Friends, you must be familiar with the term trading , right ?

Yes , nowadays more and more people are getting into it because it can bring benefits.

Trading itself is an activity of buying and selling investment instruments in a short period of time. In other terms, trading activities that can provide profits in a short time span.

Well, if you are a beginner who wants to dive into the world of trading . It is important to know the basics, techniques, to an understanding of the risks.

In order to be able to choose the right investment instrument and get the desired profit.

You can find out all that by taking a trading course that is currently easy to find. But you should not just take any decisions as a beginner.

Because there are several criteria that you should consider when choosing a trading course . Anything? Let’s discuss in the following explanation!

Beginner Traders , Here are Tips for Choosing a Trading Course

Now, there are many ways you can do to learn trading . One of them is by taking courses.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a trading course :


#1 Who is the Mentor Teaching the Trading Course ?

As we know, trading or trading is a skill that we must hone. Like a knife, the more often we use and sharpen it, the sharper it will be.

So in choosing a trading course (especially forex trading classes ), you should consider some of these criteria:


Is the Teacher a Trader?

Make sure that the teacher is a trader. Don’t let you learn trading from people who don’t practice their knowledge.


How Long Have You Been a Trader?

Flying hours greatly affect psychological factors and patience.

An experienced trader will usually be patient and calm. Not only in trading , but also in life.


What Credential (Degree) or Educational Background Does He Have?

Like it or not, the financial market demands people who have knowledge in finance. For example, a forex trader or gold trader must know macroeconomics.

If you study with the right people, then step zero to one becomes much easier.


Author’s Personal Experience

I learned trading from a trader named Tommy CFA, CFP®., CWM. He is a trader in the derivatives and futures market with more than 20 years of experience.

In addition to technical analysis and money management , Mr. Tommy also masters macroeconomics and regulations on futures and derivatives trading laws in Indonesia.

The following is a video excerpt from Pak Tommy’s explanation during a live trading session ( trabar ) on the Youtube Channel Finansialku.

My financials routinely hold live trading together every Friday in the first week of every month.

Please subscribe to my Finansialku Youtube Channel to join the trading event together.


#2 Independent or Sponsored Products?

The next important criteria for you to consider, is the course independent or is there a sponsoring product ?

I’ll explain the difference:

  • Independent means that it is brought by people or institutions that do not sell traded financial products.
  • Product Dependent or Sponsored means trading courses delivered by players in the traded financial industry.

There are several trading courses organized by institutions that sell Trading Robots or affiliates.

Both of course have their advantages and disadvantages. But one thing you need to remember, when you study make sure the knowledge is universal.

Finansialku as a financial planning company, also collaborates with the Indonesian Commodity and Derivative Exchange (ICDX) and Agrodana Futures (established in 2000) to teach trading .

A trading course called Traders Lab ,

If you want to know about Traders Lab, please click on the following banner :

#3 How to bring the material

A beginner (never traded at all) of course sees the TRADING WORLD as a new world.

So it will get a lot of new terms and need regular practice. As an illustration, the following is the Traders Lab program:


Traders Lab: Full Day Seminar

Session 1: Trading 101 – Beginner to Pro


  1. Introduction to the PBK (Commodity Futures Trading) industry.
  2. Forex Introduction.
  3. Introduction
  4. Index Introduction.


Technical Analysis

  1. Introduction to the basic concepts of technical analysis
  2. Reading charts : Bar Chart + Candlestick
  3. Timeline: daily, weekly, monthly.
  4. Conduct trend analysis ( support vs resistance; trendline: uptrend; downtrend and sideways; trend channel; indicators: MA, Parabolic Sar ).


Session 2: Building a Portfolio

Easy to Prepare Trading Plan

  1. leverage.
  2. Create a trading plan
  3. Performing money management strategy calculations (risk and reward; entry, take profit and stop loss).


Compiling a Trading Journal

  1. Demo Account
  2. Guide to opening a trading account .
  3. Using the main features in Meta Trader, charts, time, indicators .
  4. Create trendlines and practice making support resistance, indicators and others.
  5. Place a buy or sell position.

12 Meetings

Coaching 1

  1. How to use MT5
  2. GOFX Introduction
  3. Trendline review
  4. How to place an order


Coaching 2

  1. Trendline review
  2. Review of trend analysis indicators
  3. Trading journal
  4. Open live account and deposit


Coaching 3

  1. Fibonacci retracement
  2. Holding power (capital power)


Coaching 4

Candlestick 1 pattern


Coaching 5

Candlestick 2 patterns


Coaching 6

  1. Candlestick 3 patterns
  2. Review of all candle sticks 1 – 2 – 3 patterns


Coaching 7

  1. Review the material that has been obtained
  2. Trading for a living


Coaching 8

Pattern Reversal


Coaching 9

Pattern Reversal Exercise


Coaching 10

Pattern Continuation


Coaching 11

Pattern Continuation Practice


Coaching 12

Review all trading materials



Support System

  1. Discussion in the Whatsapp group (and when you graduate there is an alumni group)
  1. Materials are shared in PDF + video recordings
  1. Coaching is held every Thursday at 19:00 WIB (after work)

Choose a Convenient Trading Course

My Financial Friend, so there are 3 tips for choosing a trading course that you should consider, including:

  1. Who is the mentor (credentials and experience),
  2. The institution or company behind it.
  3. How to deliver the material.

Whatever your choice, I hope this information can help you when choosing a trading course .

So that later you can become a trader who generates additional income.

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