15 Best Cartoon Photo Editing Applications 2022 for Free, The Results are Cool

Photo editing applications to cartoons are now easily accessible, ranging from paid to free. Especially in an era like now, it can be done easily even with the help of an HP camera.

So if you have a cellphone with the best camera to produce cool photos, videos, and selfies , just use it to create cartoon-style effects, gang. It must be really cool, don’t you think, if you show it on social media!

So, this time, Jaka will share a photo editing application to become a free cartoon with a cellphone camera that has been selected by the JalanTikus team. Armed with this application, you can create unique and funny photos.

Curious about anything? Immediately check below, yes!

1. Voila AI Artist

Photo Editing Application To Cartoon On Android Voila Ai Artist 119d6

Voila AI Artist is one of the best photo editing apps that comes with a lot of features. One of the most popular is turning selfie photos into cartoons.

Not just any edit, but the photos edited in this application also look very realistic than other applications. You can also directly upload these photos directly from the application to be exhibited on social media, gang.

There are Pixar-style 3D cartoon effects, 18th century paintings, caricatures, pencil sketches, Picasso-style paintings, Renaissance, and much more that you can enjoy in this cartoon photo editing application. Anyway, very complete.

Advantages of Voila AI

    • Has filters to create various cartoon photos.
    • Has a built-in photo editor.

Disadvantages of Voila AI

  • Some photo effects are locked behind payment.
Details Voila AI Artist – Photo to Cartoon Face Art Editor
Developer Wemagine.AI
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 55MB
Download 10,000,000+
Rating 4.3/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Voila AI Artist on Google Play Store<<<

2. Meitu – Create Insta Collage & Stories

Photo Editing Application to Cartoon Meitu B73cb

Second, there is a photo editing application to become a cartoon called Meitu – Create Insta Collage & Stories which has been downloaded by more than 50 million users on Google Play.

In addition to cartoon filters that can be used as your character avatar , this application can also make your photos even cooler with the dozens of filters provided in it .

The features provided by Meitu are quite complete, especially for those of you who like to take selfies , for example, to get rid of acne to thin the face.

Advantages of Meitu

  • Has a collection of Meitu Tools for making cartoon photos, such as The Anime Avatar, Doll House, and ArtBot.
  • It could be a Muslim cartoon photo editing application, because it can be used on veiled women.

Lack of Meitu

  • Cannot edit photos and load filters in offline conditions .
Details Meitu – Create Insta Collage & Stories
Developer Meitu (China) Limited
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 74MB
Download 50,000,000 and above
Rating 4.4/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Meitu app on Google Play Store<<<

3. Prism Photo Editor

Photo Editing Applications So Cartoon Prism Photo Editor 50742

Then there is Prisma Photo Editor which was much loved and of course you shouldn’t miss it in the list of applications on your smartphone.

How to edit photos into cartoons with Prisma is also easy to do. You just select a photo, choose a filter, and automatically your photo will be changed like a painting, you know.

To edit cartoon photos, you can use filters such as Mononoke, Dallas, Gothic, and others that are available for free.

Meanwhile, for a more complete filter database, you can buy a premium option with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Prisma Photo Editor Advantages

  • There are dozens of cool painting filters that you can use for free.
  • Settings are not too complicated, just select the photo and filter used.

Disadvantages of Prism Photo Editor

  • Can only be used online and connected to the internet to edit photos.
Details Prism Photo Editor
Developer Prism Labs, Inc.
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 8.6MB
Download 50,000,000 and above
Rating 4.5/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Prisma Photo Editor app on Google Play Store<<<

4. PicsArt Photo Studio

4 Picsart Aa2ab

PicsArt Photo Studio is indeed known as one of the best design applications on Android phones to date.

Turns out, there’s also a way to edit photos into cartoons on PicsArt which you can easily do with just a few clicks, you know!

In the editing options, you can choose various Artistic filters, namely Comic, Watercolor, or Cartoonizer to turn your face photo into a cartoon style.

In addition, PicsArt is also equipped with abundant tools so that you can adjust your photos to your heart’s content. Great, isn’t it?

Advantages of PicsArt Photo Editor

  • How to edit photos into 3D cartoons on PicsArt is quite easy because there are hundreds of filters and complete tools .
  • Can save photos in HD resolution.

Disadvantages of PicsArt Photo Editor

  • Must login using Google or Facebook account to be able to use.
Details PicsArt Photo Editor: Collage Maker & Photo Editor
Developer PicsArt
Minimal OS Varies by device
Size Varies by device
Download 500,000,000 and above
Rating 4.3/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download PicsArt Photo Editor app on Google Play Store<<<

5. Pencil Sketch

5 Pencil Sketch 4c51c

This application called Pencil Sketch is said to be able to make users feel like artists, you know. The reason is, the application can turn any photo into an image that looks like it was made using a pencil.

Moreover, its use is also very easy. You just need to take a new photo with the camera or through the gallery, and the app will quickly make it into a sketch.

You can also try the various editing styles available, such as Doddle which makes photos into cartoons, Comic which results like comic drawings, and many more. If you are not satisfied, just customize it.

Advantages of Pencil Sketch

  • Easy use.
  • Many fashions or cartoon styles to choose from.

Disadvantages of Pencil Sketch

  • Edits are not as good as in promo ads.
  • Many complain about the appearance of ads.
Details Pencil Sketch
Developer Dumpling Sandwich Software Inc.
Minimal OS Android 5.0+
Size 22MB
Download 50,000,000 and above
Rating 4.7/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download the Pencil Sketch app on the Google Play Store<<<

6. Sketch Camera

6 8ef48

As the name suggests, Sketch Camera will help you produce photos like pencil paintings through filters that are directly listed on your Android cellphone camera, gang.

You can also apply certain effects using this application made by Pixelab. For example, such as sketch effects, pencil drawings, oil textures, watercolors, and so on.

The advantage is, you no longer need to bother editing photos to make them look like cartoons because they are available directly on your camera. So, just open the application, then start posing as you wish, right away!

Advantages of Sketch Camera

  • Live effects on the HP camera.
  • Can also edit through the gallery.
  • Can directly share photos to social media.

Disadvantages of Sketch Camera

  • The choice of cartoon effects is not as much as most applications.
Details Sketch Camera
Developer Pixelab
Minimal OS Android 4.4+
Size 16MB
Download 10,000,000 and above
Rating 4.2/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download the Sketch Camera app on the Google Play Store<<<

7. MomentCam

5 Momentcam 5b4a7

For users of the old Android operating system, you must have used this one application, right!

Although it has undergone many updates to its present state, MomentCam still maintains its trademark in making funny caricature photos.

In this cartoon photo editing application you can find many caricature templates. The size is also fairly small, but the results provided do not disappoint, really!

MomentCam Advantages

  • The main feature to turn photos into caricatures with dozens of templates provided.
  • Applications tend to be light to use on all types of Android phones.

Disadvantages of MomentCam

  • Editing photos into cartoons tends to be more rigid than others.
Details MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
Developer Eureka Studios
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 51MB
Download 50,000,000 and above
Rating 4.2/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download MomentCam app on Google Play Store<<<

8. Photo Grid

Photogrid 31429 Cartoon Photo Editing Application

Although it has its main function as a photo collage application , Photo Grid also provides features like an online photo editing application .

Here you can choose from various popular effects, such as Sketch, 8-bit, Comic Book, Cherish, and others that can be adjusted according to your taste.

This PC and HP cartoon photo editing application also has a size of only about 24MB. It’s light enough and doesn’t burden your phone’s performance.

Advantages of Photo Grid

  • There are many tools to edit your photos.
  • There are a variety of available filters and effects that you can use for free.

Disadvantages of Photo Grid

  • When used, it must be connected to the internet network alias online .
Details Photo Grid: Video & Photo Collage, Photo Editor
Developer Cheetah Mobike (Photo Editor)
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 24MB
Download 100,000,000 and above
Rating 4.7/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download the Photo Grid app on the Google Play Store<<<

9. Zepeto

7 Zepeto 12708

Since it was first released and went viral in 2018, the Zepeto application has undergone quite a number of updates to date, you know!

This photo-to-cartoon application allows you to create 3-dimensional avatars directly from photos with various customizations provided.

In the latest Zepeto application, you can create your own ARMoji just like the popular Animoji on iPhone devices. Very interesting!

Advantages of Zepeto

  • Easily turn photos into 3D avatars with hundreds of customizations that can be done.
  • Has many features to create unique photos, from avatar photos to ARMoji.

Disadvantages of Zepeto

  • Must be used with an internet connection.
Details ZEPETO
Developer SNOW Corporation
Minimal OS Android 5.1 and above
Size 99MB
Download 10,000,000 and above
Rating 3.8/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Zepeto app on Google Play Store<<<

10. Pixlr

8 Pixlr 06e75

The name of the next 3D cartoon photo editing application is Pixlr which has a simple interface, but still has extraordinary editing capabilities.

Here you can take photos directly or select them from within the gallery to start editing them into cartoons, gang.

Pixlr provides a number of interesting filters to make your photos look like cartoon effects, such as Poster, Watercolor, and Pencil.

Advantages of Pixlr

  • The interface is quite simple so that it is easy for the general public to use.
  • The tools provided are complete enough to fix photos, make collages, and more.

Disadvantages of Pixlr

  • The given cartoon filter is not as complete as other apps.
Details Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Developer 123RF Limited
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and up
Size 33MB
Download 50,000,000 and above
Rating 4.4/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download the Pixlr app on Google Play Store<<<

11. Cartoon Photo Editor

9 Cartoon Photo Editor 8d926

Even though it’s only 12MB in size, Cartoon Photo Editor has a fast enough performance to turn your photos into attractive illustrations.

Here you simply select the photo you want to edit and select dozens of filters in the slider at the bottom. Yes, it’s that easy to edit photos into cartoons offered by this application.

To make it a cartoon-style illustration, you can choose Obama, Cartoon+, or Comic filters. fast and practical!

Advantages of Cartoon Photo Editor

  • It has a light size so it is suitable for almost all types of smartphones .
  • Easy editing features with a whole list of free to use filters.

Disadvantages of Cartoon Photo Editor

  • The function is too simple and does not provide tools for photo editing.
Details Cartoon Photo Editor
Developer Brain Games
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 12MB
Download 10,000,000 and above
Rating 3.8/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Cartoon Photo Editor app on Google Play Store<<<

12. Tooncam

10 Tooncam 89215

The next application for editing photos into cartoons is Tooncam which has quite complex editing features, especially for those of you who want to make profile photos like anime or comic pictures.

First, just select the photo you want to edit. Then, you can directly select the filter and texture that you want to use.

Don’t forget to also add borders , speech bubbles, and stickers. Oh yes, you can use this Tooncam application offline , you know!

Tooncam advantages

  • Can make edits even if not connected to the internet network.
  • The interface tends to be simple, but very complete.

Disadvantages of Tooncam

  • The photos are lacking in detail and the tools provided are not for professionals.
Details Tooncam – Cartoon, Pencil Sketch Pic
Developer Helloton, Inc.
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 62MB
Download 500,000 and above
Rating 4.1/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download Tooncam app on Google Play Store<<

13. Photo Lab Picture Editor

11 Photo Lab Feb28

If you are looking for a complete 3D cartoon photo editing application, then Photo Lab Picture Editor can be the best choice that you must try.

Besides being able to edit photos into cartoons, this application also has complete features for editing photos. You can use various interesting filters here.

Before editing, you can also view the Feed to find inspiration from Photo Lab users from all over the world.

Advantages of Photo Lab Picture Editor

  • Filter updates with a contemporary style.
  • Photo editing features are quite complete compared to competitors.

Disadvantages of Photo Lab Picture Editor

  • It can only be used online and some filters must use the paid option.
Details Photo Lab Picture Editor: Face Effects, Art Frames
Developer Linerock Investments LTD
Minimal OS Varies by device
Size Varies by device
Download 100,000,000 and above
Rating 4.5/5 ( Google Play )

>>> Download the Photo Lab Picture Editor application on the Google Play Store<<<

14. Avatoon

14 Avatoon Ecae4

The online cartoon photo editing application that ApkVenue will share next is Avatoon. The application, whose full name is Avatoon: Avatar Maker, Creator by Enerjoy, will help you produce near-perfect cartoon photos that you can turn into avatars.

With the help of biometric technology, you can create cartoon photos that are similar to real faces.

So, don’t be surprised if this most popular Android application has been downloaded by 10 million people and got a very fantastic rating, which is 4.8 stars.

So, you could say that the Android cartoon photo editing application is worth a try, gang.

Advantages of Avatoon

  • Can produce cartoon photos that are exactly like the user’s photo.
  • Easy to use by anyone.
  • Many features.

Lack of Avatoon

  • There are frequent bugs that make saving avatars fail.
  • Lots of ads.
Details Avaton APK
Developer Enerjoy
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 53MB
Download 10,000,000+
Rating 4.8/5.0 (Google Play)

>>> Download Avatoon on Google Play Store Here <<<

15. Sketch Drawing

15 Sketch Drawing De36f

Unlike the previous application, in Sketch Drawing you can’t produce the same cartoon photos as your original photos, gang.

As the name implies, this application can only help produce authentic cartoon photos. That is, your cartoon photo will appear black and white like a sketch.

Not only that, you can also make caricatures, you know. How are you interested in using it?

Advantages of Sketch Drawing

  • Images are more authentic and unique.
  • Can make caricatures easily.
  • Can be saved in the HP gallery.

Disadvantages of Sketch Drawing

  • Lots of ads.
  • Slow process.
  • Sometimes there are features that cannot be used.
Details Sketch Drawing Photo Editor
Developer Minerva Studio Private
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and above
Size 23 MB
Download 10,000,000+
Rating 4.6/5.0 (Google Play)

>> Download Sketch Drawing Photo Editor on Google Play Store Here <<<

List of Best Cartoon Photo Editing Apps in 2022

  1. Voila AI Artist
  2. Meitu – Create Insta Collage & Stories
  3. Prism Photo Editor
  4. PicsArt Photo Studio
  5. Pencil Sketch
  6. Sketch Camera
  7. MomentCam
  8. Photo Grid
  9. Zepeto
  10. Pixlr
  11. Cartoon Photo Editor
  12. Tooncam
  13. Photo Lab Picture Editor
  14. Avatoon
  15. Sketch Drawing
  16. Dollify
  17. ArtistA Photo Editor

The final word

That’s the recommendation for a photo editing application to become a cartoon that you can use. With this application, you don’t need to bother using Adobe Photoshop to edit it.

So, from the range of applications above, which one is your favourite, gang? Don’t forget to write it down in the comments column below!

Hopefully the information that ApkVenue shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you again in the next articles.

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